Mayoral Race in Hattiesburg

4 Jun

Mayoral races are being held today in Hattiesburg and examples of technology and social media tactics are being used to further their campaign.

Ward 4 Councilman and mayoral candidate Dave Ware and his campaign workers got an edge on the competition, incumbent Johnny Dupree, by utilizing social media throughout his campaign. The polls don’t close until 7 pm, so it is unclear who will win out, but Dave Ware is the clear winner in utilizing social media.

Incumbent Dupree has 585 followers on his very inactive Twitter account. Mayor Dupree has far more fans on his professional Facebook page but only has 40 people “talking” on Facebook, indicating people tagging him in their personal Facebook posts. His campaign has made less of a technological effort, possibly leaving out many of the younger voters.

Ware has a comparable 785 followers on his Twitter account, but has used it diligently throughout his campaign to notify voters of campaign events. He has turned his campaign slogan “Forward Together” as a hashtag on twitter (#ForwardTogether) that has been trending among Hattiesburg’s twitter users for days.

Ware has created many Facebook cover photos donned with his campaign slogan or faces of young adults with quotes of why they are showing their support for him, like the ones pictured below.



This has given Facebook users the option to easily promote their choice candidate to anyone who visits their Facebook page.

It’s not too late to get to the polls and vote! Do you value a candidate who has a campaign in touch with technology or do you make your decision strictly based on the issues?


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